8 Myths about the Josh Newman Recall (#9 Will Shock You)

The “No on Recall” people are out in force and are spending oodles of special interest money to protect Josh Newman so he can stay in Sacramento. Why? Well to keep voting to tax you out of oodles of your hard earned money, of course.

In their quest to protect Josh Newman, the #NoOnTheRecall folks are peddling some pretty outrageous claims.

Here are their Top 8 myths & #9 Will Shock You!

1) It’s a boondoggle that is costing $1 million in taxpayer money

This number moves around quite a bit with it being $1 million, $3 million and sometimes just “millions” but nobody has been able to point to a source on this number. Because this election is taking place during the June 05 Primary the polling places will already be open and nobody will get a ballot for this race who isn’t getting a normal primary ballot anyways. The ballot statements were paid for by the candidates themselves (want to see my receipt?) so where does this $1 million come from? We’ve yet to find out.

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2) It’s based on lies and meant to steal your vote

It’s based on Newman’s voting record in support of higher taxes and nothing more. There is no lie in the truth of his votes, whereas he certainly lied during his campaign when he said he was fiscally conservative. From his own campaign website on 03 Nov 2016:

“As your state senator, I intend to be a thoughtful, principled, and very active participant in the fiscal conversation in Sacramento, unswayed by political calculation or partisan coercion, and immune to pressure from every special interest except the one that really counts: you.”

This has proven to be anything but true. Newman talks a lot about “stolen” votes but he never wants to talk about the votes and voters he stepped upon the minute he became a Senator.

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3) Its proponents have been purposely misleading voters — which is why it is being investigated for fraud

Since the beginning of the recall the premise was a multi-step process to punish Sacramento for their wanton disregard for working Californians. The recall against Newman was step one and then work to repeal the law itself which was launched via a separate initiative. Two steps were planned and two steps have been executed. Newman being in a competitive district and being a candidate who had misled voters made him an obvious target. The real argument here is that the #NoOnRecall crowd thinks voters are too stupid to read the petitions they signed in their rage over Newman’s actions.

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4) It will not help repeal the gas tax as proponents promise

It will help remove a Senator who voted for the Gas Tax and hopefully send a message to Sacramento to stop with their tax-and-tax-and-tax-some-more theory of government. If the hangup here is that voters were too stupid to read the paperwork they signed then Newman et. al. should just come out and say he doesn’t think the voters are smart enough to not be “tricked” by somebody holding a sign. This is also a laughable argument from Newman’s camp, considering the preponderance of lies they’ve told about how SB1 would be spent, and what his “lockbox” proposition will do if enacted.

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5) It’s an attempt to overturn the 2016 election and replace our democratically elected State Senator

No. That’s not how recalls work and it isn’t even remotely accurate. To overturn the 2016 election one would have to invalidate the votes Newman has cast and put somebody else in his place. A recall allows voters to USE the democratic process to correct an obvious error. The newly elected State Senator, hopefully this Josh, would simply replace that Josh in Sacramento for the remainder of his term. This doesn’t “overturn” anything, it gives voters a chance sooner than later to replace a Senator they might not want representing them any longer.

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6) It would wipe out your vote – and the vote of over 160,000 of your neighbors

See previous answer. It doesn’t “wipe out” anybody’s vote. It allows the same people who voted in 2016 to vote “No on Recall” if they have faith in Newman OR allow them to vote for somebody else (ME!).

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7) It was led by a San Diego politician and radio shock jock whose career was halted because of sexual misconduct to reestablish his own career

First, it was led by more than one person, even if Carl DeMaio did push the issue. If this wasn’t true then Newman’s supporters wouldn’t have named Cal State Fullerton students in one of their lawsuits against this recall. Only local voters can sign the petition and vote in the election regardless of where “supporters” come from in the process. Newman doesn’t seem to mind out of district help when it comes to staying in office, but when it comes to taking him out of office all of the sudden the locals only rule applies. When he tells Government Brown to stay out of our towns, he’ll have the moral high ground to complain about an ally on our side from San Diego.

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8) It is a partisan power grab by extremists and special interests

I’m a registered Democrat so this is more than just a partisan power grab, and it couldn’t be that if Josh Newman hadn’t voted like a partisan player with no regard to fiscal sanity or his promises on the campaign trail. His flip-flop on SB562 (The Healthy CA Act) is enough to show what little regard he has to the alleged principles he sold to the voters he promised to represent.

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On June 5th, 2018 Vote Yes, Vote Josh.

Stay Tuned for the Top Reasons to Vote for the Recall of Josh Newman.

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