Let’s Make the Recall About Policies, Not Parties

Let’s Make the Recall About Policies, Not Parties

Vote Yes Vote Josh Ferguson for California Senate District 29 Newman Recall

We’re staring down the barrel of a recall here in Ca Senate District 29. We can choose to vote to let Josh Newman keep his seat or we can replace him with another option. But this election is about more than that in California as either choice sends a strong signal to our legislative class and the special interests who fund most of the opposing campaigns currently running.

A little backstory.

State Senator Josh Newman is being recalled because he voted for a tax on the working poor by raising our car and gas taxes with nary a care for where all of our previous tax money went over the years. The CA GOP ran to recall Newman because he was elected by a narrow margin in a competitive district and his vote helped swing the regressive tax axe at we residents.

What the CA GOP ignores is that their own Anthony Cannella also voted for these taxes and it wouldn’t have been out of character for another GOP’er to be bought off by Governor Brown as happened with the Cap and Trade vote. The CAGOP is framing this as a referendum on taxes and the runaway nature of the CA legislature while the CalDems are framing as an unjust attack on a duly elected representative.

Both stances are true and false at the same time.

While it is true that our liberal progressive CA legislature wants to Tax All of the Things, it’s also true that the CA GOP is often a catalyst allowing for those taxes. Governor Brown wouldn’t have had such an easy argument for transportation taxes if our local cities and counties hadn’t deferred so much maintenance in favor of salaries/pensions for government employees. As an example of this we should remember that it was (R) Governor Schwarzenegger who signed the “Gas Tax Swap” plan into reality to fill a budget hole that needed filling in a classic case of raising the costs borne by citizens instead of cutting the government we obviously couldn’t afford.

This is partisan gamesmanship and it needs to stop.

If we ignore the rhetoric from the right we can see that based on his voting record Senator Newman has no problem with raising our taxes and ignoring the systemic problems in Sacramento. We can simultaneously look at the past performance of the CA GOP and realize that they have no interest in protecting us from the root causes of progressive pickpockets.

We should all be tired of both sides blaming each other for the problems they create hand in hand. We should all be tired of being divided by those who don’t understand our struggles. We don’t need more vitriol and blame games. We need more objective truth in Sacramento and less photo ops and poll tested half-truths.

If the No On Recall crowd succeeds the Progressive Democrat majority will run rampant in attacking your wallet for their own interests. Newman is on record stating he is interested in splitting Prop 13, he voted for the completely unfunded & unplanned universal healthcare bill just like he voted for the Sanctuary bill which immediately put federal funding at risk and all the while he hasn’t triedto get to the heart of why our government is so expensive. Even his “lock-box” Amendment is a half-truth reliant on nuance and political gimmicks.

I dare say if you aren’t a Veteran, a constituency Newman seems to use in campaign promotions more than he actually helps, he has no interest in actually making CA work for you the voter.

However, if you vote Yes on Recall and give the CA GOP their anointed candidate you’re handing them a blank check to keep collecting blank checks while accomplishing nothing locally or statewide. They will continue to impotently sit on their posteriors while blaming the left for wrongheadedly addresses the problems they constantly help create.

We have a rare opportunity to send a message to the establishments of both parties in this recall by voting out a progressively liberal Democrat and subsequently not voting for a career politician more interested in getting reelected than doing the job.

This is why I’m running in the recall to replace Newman. I’ve had enough of the partisan lies and shenanigans. I’m tired of special interest written legislation getting voted upon before it’s read. I’m tired of bills with no defensible funding or details seeing the light of day. And I’m also tired of elected representatives not telling us about the games happening around them night and day.

We were being given terrible options and so I decided to see if I can help change the game board. This June please Vote Yes to Recall Josh Newman and Vote Josh to replace him.


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