7 Reasons to Recall Josh Newman (#5 is Clickbait)

7 Reasons to Recall Josh Newman (#5 is Clickbait)

There is an almost unprecedented election happening in California’s 29th Senatorial District with State Senator Josh Newman being targeted for recall from office. Some on the left and many on the right are mad at Newman for various things and here are the 7 Biggest Reasons to Recall Josh Newman (#5 is Clickbait):

1) Josh Newman Voted for SB1, the Vehicle and Gas Tax.

While voting for taxes in and of itself isn’t a shock to those of us living in California it came as a shock to Newman voters that he would sell us out within a few short months. Newman ran as a fiscally conservative Democrat and then turned into a beacon of Progressive tax and spend shenanigans once elected.

His own campaign words in 2016 stated the following:

“The voters of California have to insist, over the obstruction and obfuscation of those who supposedly represent them, that the strongest possible measures be put in place to ensure accountability and full transparency in the conduct of politics and government.”

And yet when asked about why he voted for a new gas/car tax without first auditing for how our current taxes are spent he claimed to be looking forward and not back to when he wasn’t in office. This is both a ridiculous stance and a dangerous one for somebody trusted with voting on how much and how often the State will tax us to fund their arrogance.

2) After Raising Your Taxes Josh Newman Went on a Caribbean Vacation

That is how completely out of touch this “every man” is with the people of California and the people of his district. While so many of us struggle to make rent or pay our bills, Newman had the gall to vote to further pick our pockets with no regard to how the money is spent and then flew thousands of miles away to play on the beach.

3) Josh Newman voted for SB562, the Healthy California Act.

This bill would have put healthcare under State control in California with zero funding sources. It relied on a “feasibility study” put together by the same Special Interests pushing the bill and neglected to account for the fact that Constitutionally 40% of the CA Budget needs to go to Education. This means that the $400Billion Bill, which in and of itself was predicted to be twice the size of CA’s General Fund Budget, was really a $600Billion Bill with no provable funding sources identified. The Senate voted upon it and then kicked it to the Assembly to do the heavy lifting. This is another “Tax the rich who aren’t rich enough to leave Ca” ploy at best and virtue signalling at worst. It also gave access to all “residents” which would likely run afoul of Federal funding guidelines against illegal immigrants receiving benefits.

To add insult to injury Josh Newman voted against the bill in committee and when pressed on the issue admitted that he voted against it because there was no identified funding. When it hit the Senate floor, still without funding, he opted to just go along to get along. So much for leadership.

4) Josh Newman voted for SB54, the California Values Act (also known as the Sanctuary State bill).

This bill was called the “California Values Act” and yet the voters in CA were never given a chance to vote if they supported the premise. I suppose we should take for granted that even our “values” are dictated to us from the ivory tower of Sacramento. The only “Value” this bill espouses is one of open borders and not complying with federal law on immigration issues. It isn’t about keeping families together or supporting the down-trodden, it’s about stopping ICE from deporting people – criminal or not.

This bill had the obvious flaw that if you disallow ICE from picking people up in jails they’re going to start doing more sweeps in neighborhoods looking for the same people who are violating immigration laws. To make matters worse, criminals tend to target their own neighborhoods and communities so if you aren’t deporting serial criminals you’re just setting the communities they come from up for more crime.

5) Josh Newman Wasn’t the Guy in the Bear Suit in the 2016 Campaign

For all of the joy that his ridiculous campaign brought to a few of our faces I have it on good authority (his word to me, which isn’t worth much apparently) that he wasn’t the guy in the bear suit in the ads for his campaign. I find that simply unbearable.

6) Josh Newman Doesn’t Uphold the CA Constitution He Swore to Protect

Like too many politicians in Sacramento Josh Newman doesn’t care about the CA Constitution. It is illegal to have a bill with more than one item and also illegal to have a bill with more than one expenditure but that doesn’t stop him from voting on such bills in clear violation of our Constitution.

Article IV, Section 9: “A statute shall embrace but one subject, which shall be expressed in its title.”

Violation of the single subject rule is common and Newman is no exception to ignoring it when it suits him. It can lead to interesting results such as when Newman, claimed veteran advocate, opted to not vote on a bill (SB96) that helped fund the first ever veteran’s cemetery in Orange County. He abstained from the vote because that bill was busy rigging the recall process in his favor and he wanted to give the illusion of impartiality. The honorable thing to do would have been to demand that the state Constitution be followed and to ask for the veteran’s cemetery, as well as every other item in the bill, be given it’s own vote in it’s own bill. Sadly political grandstanding took higher priority than the final resting place of our vets.

7) Josh Newman Doesn’t Understand His Own Bill(s)

In 2017 I asked Newman, on my podcast The Hourly Struggle, why his “lockbox” amendment (Prop 69 coming to us in June 2018) didn’t protect funds from being diverted away to such boondoggles as High Speed Rail. He claimed in that interview that he was given “assurances” that it did just that and when pressed on the actual wording of the bill he offered no evidence or proof to back his claim. We were just supposed to trust his assurances. It should be pointed out that he wasn’t blindsided by this question as I had spoken with him at length on the phone about these very issues when arranging the interview.

Our government should not and can not be run on vague assurances. We need laws and law makers who are honest in their deliberations, honest in their words and honest in their deeds and sadly Josh Newman has failed us in every single regard as our Senator.

I voted for Josh Newman and I would love to be proud of that vote but instead find myself running to replace him in office owing to his dissembling, owing to his lies and owing to the lack of character he has demonstrated while in Sacramento. Help me send a message to him and those like him in Sacramento that the same tired lies and games can no longer be tolerated.

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