Ballot Statement

In 2016 I made a mistake and I’d like your help correcting course.

Like too many others I believed in words that were not backed up by actions. I opted to support the least bad option and I have to pay for that every time I go to the gas pump.

After being misled and let down term after term by career politicians who made campaign promises they never intended to keep, I feel compelled to run and offer a viable alternative to the status quo – an establishment that led us into a downward spiral.

We have all heard the slogans, taglines, and promises made by people seeking political office. A man I once trusted said;

“The voters of California have to insist, over the obstruction and obfuscation of those who supposedly represent them, that the strongest possible measures be put in place to ensure accountability and full transparency in the conduct of politics and government.”

I trusted that message even if my trust in the man behind the words was misplaced. I aim to help implement those measures.

It won’t be easy.

With the obstruction and obfuscation of our current state government it might not even be possible. However, I owe it to myself, my family and those who dream of a Golden State that can once again shine to work towards those goals.

Vote Yes, Vote Josh.