Every candidate running for this office is either in the tank for Newman or obviously talking about SB1 and the associated Car/Gas taxes associated with that bill. Would I have voted for SB1? Obviously not.

HOWEVER that’s not the only bill Josh Newman has voted upon and I’d like to talk about those other bills and show you, the voter, where he and I differ. I aim to be honest with you so I’m going to update this as time goes on and the election gets closer. I’ll first focus on Chaptered Bills (signed by Governor Brown) and then move to ones suggested by folks like yourself.

SB1 – Transportation funding – That Josh = Yes. This Josh = No.

This was a terrible bill that was passed after several legislators were bought off with other bills. This bill was not needed as the first thing our state should have done is to figure out why we spend so much on transportation funding and adjust accordingly. Then figure out needs, priorities and why things are not addressed despite billions in funding. Our government had no interest in any of this and when pressed Josh Newman claimed to want to be looking forward as he wasn’t here when previous money was misspent. That is not how leaders lead.

SB54 – Law enforcement: sharing data – That Josh = Yes. This Josh = No.

This has been touted time and again as the “California Values Act” and I believe the voters get to determine our values, not Sacramento. More and more cities are fighting this bill currently which shows how divisive of an issue sanctuary is and it deserved a more thorough vetting and more voter input before being rammed through the legislature.

SB562 – The Healthy California Act – That Josh = Yes. This Josh = No.

As Josh Newman pointed out when asked at the Fullerton Community Center last year, there was no funding for this bill and it was feel good progressive politicking. This is policy at it’s worst with the Senate progressives campaigning via meaningless votes on a less than complete bill.

AB-7 – Firearms: open carry – That Josh = Yes. This Josh = No.

This bill was introduced and passed in an anti-gun hysteria following a Youtube video of somebody open-carrying a firearm. This protects nobody and is the illusion of safety for the sake of it.

AB-20 – Public employee retirement systems: divestment: Dakota Access Pipeline – That Josh = Yes. This Josh = No.

The goals of the pension systems are to make money back on their investments, not to put taxpayer money at risk. These decisions should be left to the investors as it sets a bad precedent for future legislators to guide money to and from favored/disfavored industries. Our pensions are benefit defined and not contribution defined so if the pension system loses a ton of money because Sacramento wants to virtue signal with tax dollars it is the tax payers and not the government pensioners who lose out.


This is but a sample. Ask me how I would have or would vote on legislation and I’ll let you know when I have a chance to get into the details of a bill. There are thousands of bills each sessions which go through the Assembly & Senate so I’ll add to this as time permits.